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Why Winchester and Rye? Because it sounds cool? (and it does) Nope! It’s because Kim has had almost two years to put the pieces of this dream together, and she has had lots of time to get everything “just right”. She did not want just another catchy name. She wanted a catchy name that means something. (and it does)

So as it turns out, the Heenie clan comes from out east. The Great State Of Connecticut to be precise. Kevin’s family has a history of craftsmanship and artisanal creativity. His grandfather was a very well-known gunsmith who created custom, handcrafted wood stocks for Winchester. Actually, he made them for Kings and Queens, Presidents and Senators, movie stars, famous athletes, and the ultra-rich. These are the types of craftsmen that our country was known for. It’s a legacy of handcrafting and creativity that has been passed down through generations of Heenies in various forms. Like the culinary arts. So that is where the “Winchester” comes from.

Meanwhile, Kim’s great-grandparents have their own history of artisanal creativity. They were known for making some of the best rye-and-corn whiskey around (at a time during Prohibition when folks took it upon themselves to make their own). If you want to see the proof, Kim’s uncle can show you the spot where the old farmstead’s underground distillery was located. Crazy, but true. So that’s where the “Rye” comes from, and I’m pretty sure our Mensa candidates have figured out the reason for the whiskey bar!

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